Monday, July 6, 2009

Are you kidding me????

I'm at a 4-day conference for work, staying at the Park Plaza Hotel & Towers in Boston. Although I don't relish the idea of being away from home for 3 nights, I was looking forward to a stay in what I thought would be a really good hotel.

Remember ... I said hotel, not motel.

First, for the price my employer is paying ($189/night) the room is terribly small. Just barely enough room to walk around the two double beds. The furniture looks like it came from a Howard Johnson's. The closet door doesn't close all the way. The heating/cooling unit doesn't really do much. I've got it set at 64 degrees, and I'm still quite warm. The bathroom is about the size of two telephone booths, and the hair dryer is in a bag, hanging on the back of the bathroom door. There's no coffee maker, and the room has a musty smell.

In addition, when I tried to connect to the internet, I found it wasn't working. I called the extension listed for assistance and was transferred by security to an off-site tech assistance site. I was then down on my hands and knees unplugging and plugging things until we finally figured out what the problem was. Then, to add insult to injury, they charge an additional $10.95 a day for basic internet.

I'm not some hotel expert, and I don't consider myself a picky person, and if I were staying in a small, local motel somewhere all of this would certainly be acceptable ... for about $69.00/night. But for $189/night? What is the draw? I've had better amenities staying at a Comfort Suites than seem to be available here.

The reception is starting in a few minutes, so I'll have to continue this later.

Ok ... so I realize that it must be difficult to fit these old Boston buildings with air conditioning and internet, etc. So be it. So maybe this isn't the place to hold a conference.

Yea, I'm just venting.

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  1. I definitely understand. 189 a night is a lot for a place like that.