Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I just made a decision that was a difficult one. For the past year (almost), I've been enrolled at a college in Massachusetts, working toward and M.Ed. in Psychological Studies. However, as I began to learn more and more about counseling and human services in general, I began to realize that the programs and courses they offered didn't really address my needs. I looked for coursework directly related to gerontology or death and dying, but I only found one course. Mostly the coursework addressed the Massachusetts state standards for licensure as a clinical counselor.

I've always know I didn't want to be a clinician, but I wasn't really sure where I wanted to focus, or what I wanted to do with the knowledge I'd gain. Through the coursework I did complete, I decided to focus on the aging process and death/dying, perhaps in a hospice setting.

By searching other institutions, I found a program that seems to really fit the bill. It addresses what I'll need in order to do this kind of work. The difficulty lay in leaving the college I was at. In the short time I've been a student there, I've formed relationships and friendships that (I hope) will last. Not only have I received academic support, one of my professors and a few classmates have offered personal support, understanding, and guidance. That's hard to find, and I didn't want to let go of it, especially now with all that's going on.

I hope that we keep in touch ... Beth, Meredith, Bob ... I really do.

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