Monday, May 4, 2009

24 Days ...

... and counting. That's how much time I have left in this wonderful placed called home. I'm not gonna go into what it means to me; I've done that already. What I haven't talked about is how it's gonna affect my kids.

It was almost 3 years ago that my parents died, my Mom first in August, followed by my Dad in December. That loss was very difficult for a lot of people in my family; my parents, in a positive way, touched a lot of lives. Now, I can feel the grief coming again, for my parents. Somehow, by being in this house it feels like we're still with them, closer to them. I know that our memories and feelings will come with us, but, moving away will make it seem less tangible.

Tennessee Williams said "Home is where you hang your childhood." This is that place for me, my children, and many others in my family. This is and always will be home.

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